Zambia is a magnificent country and offers safaris enthusiasts wild experiences without the crowds.  Whilst the wilderness areas are wild and remote, they are easily accessible from Victoria Falls or from the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka.

All of Zambia’s National Parks offer luxurious and rustic lodges with some of Africa’s best guides and large numbers of wildlife.  Zambia’s shares the amazing Victoria Falls with its Southern neighbour Zimbabwe, and the town of Livingstone (named after the great explorer David Livingstone) has a bustling tourism industry from which guests can appreciate this magnificent Natural Wonder of the World.  Zambia also has a diverse national park network that offers a range of experiences catering to any travellers needs.  You may want to do a walking safari through the wildlife rich area of South Luangwa National Park, have a river-based experience in the Lower Zambezi National Park which is located on Africa greatest and oldest river or experience the wide-open plains of the Kafue National Park.  Whichever you choose, Zambia will be sure to give you an authentic African Safari experience whilst showcasing its culture, heritage and amazing scenery.

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Wildlife and Best Viewing Times

Dry Season – May to October

Green Season – November to April

As with all of the Southern African countries that offer safaris there are a number of season’s that all offer different experiences. The best time for wildlife viewing is in the dry season which runs from May to October. This is a fantastic time of year with the heat starting to take hold in September and getting really hot in October. The green season (so called due to the arrival of the rains) arrives in December and goes through to April. A number of lodges close during the rainy season due to high water levels. The bush becomes lush, thick and green and whilst it is a beautiful time of the year, it is slightly harder to view wildlife as they move away from permanent water sources to drink from rain filled water holes further out, and they are more camouflaged behind the lush vegetation.

The mighty Victoria Falls is best viewed when the Zambezi River is at its peak between March and May (prepare to get soaked by the spray), but it is also good up until September before the water drops to its lowest level in October and November. At this time there will be no water flowing over the Zambian side of the Falls as the permanent water channels flow on the Zimbabwean side. The famous Devils pool activity can be enjoyed from August to January (dependant of water levels).

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