Central Kalahari Game Reserve

The Central Kalahari is one of our favourite places in Africa. If you are a safari connoisseur, then we highly recommend visiting the The Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The Kalahari experience is very different to the more frequently visited Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park. It is a one of a kind wilderness, offering a sense of space, serenity, and freedom. The arid semi desert environment is at its best during the wet season where seasonal rains dramatically transform the landscape bringing life back to the region making this the best green season destination in Southern Africa. Home to the San-bushmen whose close connection with the land is awe-inspiring as they live at ease in this harsh landscape. One can choose to do the bushman experience and learn traditional values and survival skills. Star gazing is hugely popular here with some of the best star gazing opportunities anywhere on earth, and a number of lodges offer a sleep out deck to enjoy this experience. If you are looking for wide opens spaces, incredible sunsets and a safari thats offers diversity then the Kalahari should definitely be on your list.


The Kalahari comes alive during the wet season. Plains game such as zebra and wildebeest migrate to the area to feed on the grassy plains, welcomed by the resident predators. There is a wide variety of species rarely seen in the more lush regions of Africa that stay all year round such as eland, oryx, and springbok giving great diversity to a Botswana Safari and a chance to tick off some of Africa’s hardy desert dwellers. The black-maned Kalahari lions are famous for their size and full black manes. Other predators include cheetah, leopard, black-backed jackal, and both the brown and spotted hyena. The birdlife in the Kalahari is very good all year round and simply incredible during December to April as migrants arrive during the time of plenty.

Time of year to travel

The Kalahari has all the usual characteristics of a semi-desert environment with very cold winter nights and hot dry summer days. December, January and February are the beginning of the rainy season and are considered the best months to visit from a wildlife perspective. It is a perfect green season destination as during the rainy season many animals migrate to the Kalahari to drop their young. The desert turns lush and green and predators follow the herds to prey on the abundance. The Kalahari’s unique species are there all year round and offer great contrast to a traditional safari. This is really what the Kalahari is about, great diversity of unique species and incredible birdlife which only adds a fascinating dimension to the migrating herds and black-maned lions. After the rainy season the night skies are clear making for incredible star gazing opportunities and the wide open spaces and sunsets are an experience in itself. The bushman experience can be enjoyed all year round which is a fascinating journey on their culture and connection with the earth and the animals.

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