Zambezi National Park

The Zambezi National Park is situated adjacent to the town of Victoria Falls. It is a fairly small park in comparison to other national parks in Zimbabwe but it is a great safari option for those who want to experience the Victoria Falls and combine it with a safari. There is a number of luxurious accomodation options within the park, of which most are situated on the banks of the Zambezi river. Game drives and guided walking safaris are the main activities in the park, with canoeing taking place on the river. The park is accessed via a short 10 minute drive the town of Victoria Falls.

Time of year to travel

May through to October is generally the dry season in Zimbabwe, with September and October commonly recognised as the best months for photo opportunities around the Victoria Falls, due to being much less water spray. The dry season is also a better time for game viewing across the Zambezi National Park.

The wet season traditionally runs from November to April, when the weather is normally hot and quite humid.


The Zambezi National Park has a good variety of wildlife which stays close to the river in the dry season making for some great viewing opportunities. Lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo are often seen as well as a selection of plains game such as giraffe, sable, waterbuck, kudu, and impala. The river is home to hippos and crocodile and some decent fishing. The birdlife is excellent year round with numbers peaking during the green season as migrants arrive to breed in the park.

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