The Kafue National Park

Zambia’s largest National Park and conservation area spanning 22000sqkm. Due to its size and accessibility it is still wild and fairly untouched. It is a park that is up and coming, largely undeveloped and offer guests a more exclusive safari. The Kafue is extremely diverse with great floodplains, riverine, mopane and miombo habitat. There are 3 major rivers in the park that fill the floodplains, the Kafue, the Lufupa and the Lubungu. The main attraction of the park is the Busanga Plains which is situated in the north east of the reserve. These vast seasonal floodplains have a small number of lodges in the area but boast large herds of plains game like buffalo and wildebeest as well as puku and red lechwe antelope. There is a good selection of predators namely lion, wild dog, cheetah and hyena. This park is the perfect addition to a Zambian Safari.

Time of year to travel

The Kafue National Park follows the same dry season as the rest of Southern Africa, June to October. As many of the plains flood during the wet season, The Kafue National Park is mostly a dry season destination. There are some camps that stay open year round but the parks main attraction, the Busanga Plains is flooded. Due to its high altitude winter temperatures can drop to zero degrees at night, the good news is it is not as hot in the peak months of October and early November.


The size of the Kafue makes it a very diverse habitat. Whilst the Kafue has large concentrations of game, it is more famous for its diversity of wildlife. It is home to more species of ungulate than any park in Southern Africa. This is due to the range of habitats that support them, from marshy swamp dwellers like the sitatunga and the lechwe, to the magnificent, Roan and Sable Antelopes that find refuge in the miombo woodlands of the park. There is healthy populations of leopard and cheetah, as well as lion. The Kafue is about enjoying the wide open spaces without the crowds and appreciating the range of species that it has to offer, big and small. Camps situated on the rivers of the Kafue offer fishing and game drives by boat. Hippos and crocodiles are plentiful and the birdlife is phenomenal. If you are looking for a park off the beaten track that is still wild, then we highly recommend the Kafue.

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