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The most common feedback we get from our guests around the globe is, “you can only fully appreciate an African safari experience once you have been on one. It was so much more than we ever could have expected! Africa has left a place in our hearts and we will be back.”

Discover untouched Africa by exploring the places we like to travel ourselves. We grew up in Africa’s wilderness area’s and worked in the industry for many years. We fully understand and appreciate the African Safari and Holiday experience, having connected with thousands of guests during our career’s in the African travel industry. We spend hours designing personalised boutique experiences for our guests so they can get to fully appreciate Africa’s incredible wildlife, pristine wilderness zones and vibrant cultures. Investing in an African Safari holiday is a big decision, so we work tirelessly to ensure we create nothing short of the trip of a lifetime for our guests.

We love what we do and we use hand-picked partners on the ground in Africa that are leaders in eco-tourism, that give back to their communities and support the precious wildlife we have come to love so much. We travel to Africa often to test out properties, and we stand behind them 100 percent because we understand the experiences they offer. From the logistics on the ground, to sensational wilderness zones, to Africa’s best guides, we take everything into account to provide you with a seamless, life-changing experience.


Ethical Eco-Tourism

Ethical ecotourism is at the heart of everything we do at Sensational Africa. Being a boutique African Safari Specialist, every itinerary is carefully crafted and tailored to suit each client.

Our concept of luxury, is appreciating nature in its purest form with some of the most incredible wildlife on the planet, at the best safari camps and lodges, whilst in the company of some of Africa’s best guides. Founded on a passion for African wildlife, culture and landscapes and with a strong focus on remote premium destinations, we fully immerse you into an African safari experience like no other. Our in-depth knowledge on the guest experience, Africa’s best attractions, wilderness zones, camps, lodges and safari logistics forms an integral part of the design and pricing process. This ensures you only get the very best experience for the best value.  It is personalised attention for no extra cost, in fact we can always match direct rates or offer better rates in most cases.

We are from Africa and we have formed strong relationships with Africa’s best and long standing operators that are invested in the conservation of their wilderness areas, wildlife and enhancement of the local communities that work and rely of them. Africa is our niche, it’s all we do!

What our Clients from around the globe say

  • The Rippon Family - Melbourne, Australia

    The Rippon Family - Melbourne, Australia

    Thank you Rowan and team for organising our incredible trip to Africa. It was even more amazing than we’d hoped. The people, places and scenery really do have to be seen to be believed. Your knowledge of the local areas in Zimbabwe and Botswana helped to create a unique and tailored family experience!! And yes…that lion was about 2m away from our vehicle!!! 😬

  • Margie and Alan - London UK

    Margie and Alan - London UK

    Sensational Africa have done us proud. They recommended and then organised everything from our flights to baggage storage at Maun; an amazing safari experience deep in the Kalahari in Botswana at a Ker and Downey camp (Dinaka). Whilst there it rained and we witnessed the desert flora and fauna coming to life. From flowers that appear for just a few days a year, to migrating birds on a stopover, bullfrogs feasting on nuptial termites, and frolicking baby wildebeest and impala. Our trip was a delight, made even more special by the exceptional hospitality, comfort and safari guiding provided by Dinaka Camp. We thank Sensational Africa for their outstanding organisation taking into account our personal preferences and wishes. Margie and Alan.

  • Orest - Edmonton, Canada

    Orest - Edmonton, Canada

    Big thank you to Rowan at Sensational Africa for an amazing guided trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe. What an amazing host and experience with incredible wildlife. You planned my itinerary just right and all your recommendations were just perfect. You hit the mark with all the lodges with seamless transfers. I will definitely be booking my next trip soon back to Africa. I highly recommend Rowan and his team. Cheers from Canada, for now!

  • Neill & Lori - Brisbane, Australia

    Neill & Lori - Brisbane, Australia

    After Covid restrictions we were finally able to indulge in an African Safari in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Kalahari. Highly anticipated, it did not disappoint. 5 different lodges with superb accommodation, friendliest staff and the African bush wildlife at its best. Every day was filled with adventure. Based on Rowan’s personal experience, he planned a trip that was just right for us. We loved it and highly recommend Sensational Africa for any African adventure you are considering. Every step of the way had been arranged and we were in very capable hands at all times. Relax, take it all in and enjoy every minute!

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    Great Reasons To Travel With Us:

    Partnered with the Best

    Partnered with the Best

    We are partnered with Africa’s best eco-tourism operator whose vision and values we share. We have a diverse portfolio of properties in the best locations all across Africa. Growing up in Zimbabwe we worked in the tourism and safari industry for many years and we know that the conservation of these pristine wilderness areas and it’s wildlife depends on these operators and the incredible work that they do. The on-going efforts conserving and protecting wildlife and giving back to the local communties through jobs, education and support is protecting these zones for our future generations. Our life-changing journeys are part of what keeps these important projects going and protecting Africa’s precious wilderness areas. Africa and its people need tourists to come and visit and enjoy one of the world’s most facinating continents.

    The Design Process

    The Design Process

    We are the specialists in luxury African safaris and affordable African safaris. We listen to you and take your aspirations and keen interests and incorprate them into your itinerary. We go above and beyond, adding in some surprises along the way. Our guests are treated like family and our return guests are testament to our uncompromising approach to our design process. Whether you are seeking relaxation, adreneline, wanting to celebrate something special or fulfilling a lifelong dream of exploring the worlds wildest continent, we have you covered. We grew up in Africa’s best wildernss zones and worked in the industry for many years. We know exactly what is required for a Sensational African Safari Holiday.

    Giving Back to Africa

    Giving Back to Africa

    It is of utmost importance that we play our part in giving back to Africa and we do that by ensuring we contribute directly to the source. Every journey one of our guests do, a portion of funds makes its way to organisations such as Children in the Wilderness, anti-poaching units throughout Africa and to the Wilderness Wildlife Trust. This does not mean you pay any extra for your safari, it means you have the privilege of visiting some of Africa’s best destinations and appreciating Africa in its purest form whilst knowing you are making a difference to the people and wildlife that live in those communities. We are hugely passoinate about supporting these great causes and we are proud to be giving back to a continent that raised us and gave us so many amazing experiences throughout our childhood and our careers.

    Why We Love What We Do

    Why We Love What We Do

    We always judge a destination or a camp or lodge on how it made us feel, because it is the feeling that is generated by the entire experience. That is why we travel to Africa to experience our products first hand. Incredible wildlife, stunning landscapes can only be enhanced by exceptional guiding, warm hospitality and a well planned and seamless itinerary. That is why we do what we do, to achieve those special feelings that create life long memories for all of our guests. Whether you are a romantic couple, a solo-traveller, a large multi-generational family featuring the grandparents and grandkids or a group of friends we will ensure you go to the right places and get the right experience for you.

    Diverse Destinations

    Diverse Destinations

    Africa is our niche! We use premium wilderness zones that offer diversity and link seamlessly to ensure you spend more time enjoying Africa rather than travelling. We can take you from deserts to delta’s, from rolling landscapes to breathtaking mountains and from Africa’s oldest rivers to Africa’s best attractions. Each destination will give you a different and unique experience.

    Tailor-Made Journeys

    Tailor-Made Journeys

    Every journey we passionately create for our guests is tailored to their specific interests and budget. This is the best way to see Africa. We have an intimate design process where we take your aspirations and spend hours designing your itinerary to ensure you get nothing less than an unforgettable experience. We have you covered 24/7 when on the ground in Africa, no matter the emergency. We partner with the best in the industry because your safety is paramount to us. All of our journeys are designed with safety at the forefront to ensure you are looked after throughout your safari.

    We will make you fall in love with Africa, over and over again!

    Our journeys take you to a world of wonders where you can grow, learn and engage through carefully designed experiences. We create every journey exclusively for you so you can reconnect with yourself during what will be a transformative African experience. Our clients return home with a passion for all things Africa, also knowing that they have contributed to conserving Africa’s precious wildlife, pristine wilderness areas and the communities that rely on them. Rowan – Founder & Director

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