South Luangwa

South Luangwa in one of Zambia’s premier wildlife destination’s and is one of Africa’s most magnificent wilderness areas. It is as wild as it is remote and it is the birth place of guided walking safaris. The South Luangwa National Park is 9000sqkm in size, most of which is as wild as it was centuries ago making it a perfect destination for an authentic African Safari. The Luangwa River passes through the park and most lodges and camps are situated along its banks.  South Luangwa is a seasonal park.

Time of year to travel

A lot of camps close during the rainy season from November to April so choosing the right time to go is important. The team at Sensational Africa can help you plan your trip at the right time of year. The dry season is from May to mid-November with cool winters from May to July. Temperatures start getting hot towards the end of September with October being the hottest month with temperatures getting up to the high 30’s.


Known as big game country with large herds of buffalo and elephant; the river has huge numbers of hippo and crocodile; and a haven for predators like lion, wild dog and especially leopard. Home to a variety of plains game as well as endemic species such as the Thornicroft Giraffe and Crawshay’s Zebra. With phenomenal wildlife, this raw and authentic wilderness is perfect for the safari connoisseur looking to experience a safari adventure.