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Zambezi National Park





Covering an area of more than 53,000 hectares the Zambezi National Park is located on the western tip of Zimbabwe. It features the mighty Zambezi River, which the Park is named after. Formerly a section of the Victoria Falls National Park but in 1979 the Zambezi National Park was established in its own right so that the Victoria Falls township could be extended to the Zambezi River.


Despite being one of the smallest parks in Zimbabwe, the Zambezi National Park has a lot to offer its visitors. It is known as a prime location for exceptional game viewing, adventure activities, and luxurious accommodation options in Victoria Falls. The park can be easily accessed from major cities in Zimbabwe or via a short drive from the Livingstone Airport, which is just across the Zambezi River in Zambia.


The Zambezi National Park showcases a large variety of outstanding African game including four members of the iconic Big Five, lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo as well as a selection of plains game such as giraffe, eland, kudu, waterbuck, sable, and impala. Additionally, baboons, antelope, zebra and hippos call this park home.


Visitors can experience a large variety of guided tour options as well as adventurers using their own transportation with hiking and fishing trips also being very popular.

Zambezi River offers beautiful scenery and wildlife

Selection of stunning picnic locations

Great full day or half-day tours from Victoria Falls

Brilliant bird watching destination

Amazing game viewing opportunities


With large volumes of water flowing down the Zambezi River from the Victoria Falls, fishing in Zambezi National Park is a highlight. This stunning region is home to a wide variety of freshwater fish, namely the impressive yellow Nembwe bream and the powerful Tiger Fish. Tiger Fishing is a common sport on the River with most safari camps offering day trips where guests can test their skills against this fierce species.


Safari tours can be by motor vehicle, boat or on foot with many safari operators offering a range of options within the park, which include overnight canoe adventure. This park is also known as a leading bird watching destination and is home to over 400 bird species making it ideal for birding safari enthusiasts.


Half-day or longer canoeing adventures and walking safaris can be easily arranged within the Park which allows adventurers the opportunity to get up close with amazing African wildlife.


Game drives are the most common way to experience and explore the Zambezi National Park. Tour operators generally conduct safaris in two game-viewing points: the Zambezi River Game Drive, which follows the Zambezi River, or the Chamabonda Game Drive in the southern region of the park which covers a length of 25 kilometres. Other safari hots spots are the Chamabonda Vlei area, and the lookouts at Njako Pans and the Kaliankua.

Time of year to travel

May through to October is generally the dry season in Zimbabwe, with September and October commonly recognised as the best months for photo opportunities around the Victoria Falls, due to being much less water spray. The dry season is also a better time for game viewing across the Zambezi National Park.
The wet season traditionally runs from November to April, when the weather is normally hot and quite humid.


Amazing Places To Stay

Lodges and Accommodation

Victoria Falls Island Lodge

Sitting on its own private island, the Victoria Falls Island Lodge offers the ultimate in seclusion. Located on the banks of the mighty Zambezi river and within the Zambezi National Park, this lush and bountiful island gives access to an area teeming with wildlife. The suites feature incredible panoramic views of the Zambezi river and its shoreline.

Victoria Falls River Lodge

Located in the Zambezi National Park, Victoria Falls River Lodge is a stunning private game lodge, just minutes away from the stunning Victoria Falls. The customer service standards at this lodge are impressive which compliments the luxurious accommodation.

Our top tip

To truly appreciate the Zambezi National Park, we recommend staying in one of the lodges inside the park. Our team at Sensational Africa can easily arrange this for you. Zambezi Drive runs along the river for nearly 50km and offers stunning views of the Zambezi River and points where animals come down to drink in the dry season. A combination of river bank and bush is always a winner!

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