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Zimbabwe Safari

With spectacular scenery, friendly people and abundant wildlife, it’s no wonder Zimbabwe is known as the jewel of Africa. This amazing country is easy to travel and is host to diverse and raw landscapes, powerful rivers, rocky escarpments and flood plains and this creates the perfect backdrop for amazing safari adventures.


A safari in Zimbabwe is a unique and memorable experience with lightly visited national parks and exceptional lodges and camps that encompass friendly and first class service. Zimbabwe is a landlocked country with Zambia to the north, South Africa in the south, Mozambique on the eastern side and Namibia and Botswana to the west. The incredible Zambezi River powers its way from the west to east and along the northern border of the country. Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba (the Matusadona National Park) and Mana Pools National Park are major drawcards for the region and are home to abundant wildlife.  Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe’s largest national park which sits two hours south of Victoria Falls and ties in extremely well with a visit to Victoria Falls. It has a large elephant population as well as the rest of the big 5.

One of Africa's Best Safari Destinations

Wildlife and Best Viewing Times

The optimum time for wildlife viewing is during the winter months (May to October) when the region is dry. During this period water is quite scarce, particularly just before the rains arrive which makes animals congregate around remaining water sources. Afternoon showers or storms can be expected in the wet season which lasts from November to March.  We recommend Victoria falls as a year round destination that ties in well with neighbouring Botswana or Zambia.

There are 3 typical safari seasons for Zimbabwe which is the Green Season during the rains from mid-November to March. The Mid Season which is from April to mid-July. The High Season – which is from the end of July to October.

Each season is phenomenal in its own right with the green season producing fantastic birdlife as migrants arrive and animals start to drop their young.  Game viewing is harder due to the lush vegetation and abundance of water.  The mid season has less crowds but still produces good game viewing as water holes start to dry up and the bush starts thinning out, and the weather is perfect! The high season which is the premium game viewing season due to the scarcity of water and animals congregate around permanent water sources making for a fantastic safari experience.  Prices vary greatly throughout each season due to demand.

Zimbabwe is a country of diverse landscapes and unique habitats which supports a  vast array of wildlife species, including rare wild dogs, huge herds of elephant and healthy numbers of predators. Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s biggest National Park and is home to ‘The Big 5’ (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard), plus diverse birdlife and so much more. The Matusadona National Park (on Lake Kariba), Victoria Falls and Mana Pools National Park all showcase an abundance of wildlife.  Zimbabwe also has incredible birdlife that thrives throughout the year which makes for a great experience for birders.

Zimbabwe National Parks

Must See Destinations

Traveling on Safari in Zimbabwe


Negative media reports relating to Zimbabwe’s political situation have made many travellers slightly apprehensive about travelling to the region. The country is considered safe to visit, especially if you utilise the experience of the team at Sensational Africa to plan your safari holiday. Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Lake Kariba, Mana Pools and Motobo National Park are experiencing some of its highest tourism numbers ever with reputable tourism companies hosting many guests throughout the year. If you need to stay in the city, then choosing a reputable hotel for the night will ensure your safety.