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Amazing Wildlife and Exciting Cape Town Adventures

South Africa is a destination with more variety than any other country on the continent. Kruger National Park represents a classic safari country while Cape Town has more of a stately feeling. Then there is Drakensberg with its snow-sprinkled mountain peaks, the dry red dune-scapes of the Kalahari Desert, and the gorgeous Winelands country around Stellenbosch, with the paradisiacal beaches of Garden Route also being a favourite amongst tourists. South Africa is a true all-round destination which attracts more than their fair share of new and repeat visitors. South Africa is well suited to singles, couples, families and group tourists due to its affordability, well-equipped safari destinations, is malaria-free and has a beach holiday and/or city feel, depending on where you go.

The team at Sensational Africa recommend spending a few days touring Cape Town and its surrounds. Our guests enjoy exploring the breathtaking views from the iconic Table Mountain, indulge in winery tours at Stellenbosch or Franschhoek and experience Cape Town’s gorgeous countryside whilst enjoying sampling fine wine and great food. History buffs can also tour the famous Robben Island which is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. For the adrenalin seekers, cage diving with Great White Sharks is bound to get the blood pumping. Nature lovers are also well catered for in South Africa with Kruger National Park being home to elephants, lions, rhinos and leopard, with plenty of other wildlife in large numbers.

The Best South African Tours

Wildlife and Best Viewing Times

All the African Big Five call South Africa home, as do large animals like the hippo, giraffe, and many antelope species. The white rhino also features in the reserves, although its relative, the black rhino, is often much harder to find. In the western region of the country, the Cape Mountain zebra makes an appearance as do leopards in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve. On your South African safari adventure, you could be lucky enough to see the black wildebeest and wild dog, although these are now quite rare.


The dry season in South Africa is from May to September. This is the best time to visit most game parks, including Kruger National Park. The weather is great during this period with wildlife frequenting waterholes and along river banks, and best of all this is the low season. The wet season runs from October to April and is less attractive for wildlife viewing due the abundant water levels and animals dispersing into the thick, rain-fed bushland.

Traveling in South Africa


In our opinion, South Africa is a safe country to visit and even more so if your holiday is organised by the team at Sensational Africa. More than 10 million holidaymakers visit South Africa each year with most tourists having a trouble-free experience. South Africa does, however, have a very high level of both violent and petty crime, including assault, robbery and carjacking. Most violent crimes tend to occur in the townships, which are locations that tourists rarely frequent.

Tourists can sometimes be targeted by criminals in the larger cities like Johannesburg and Durban. Common-sense should always be applied when travelling to unfamiliar cities. Tourists should obviously refrain from walking around or driving unaccompanied at night and accommodation should always be pre-booked in reputable hotels organised by experienced tour guides. Visiting the many attractions in or around the city during the day is generally fine and travelling with partners or friends and in groups is always best.