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Botswana Safari Holidays

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Amazing Wildlife and Botswana Safari Holidays

Botswana is the heart of African wildlife safaris. It has a great reputation for being an ideal destination for holidaymakers looking for an extraordinary adventure. The Botswana safari experience features diverse ecosystems with a large variety of wildlife and extraordinary landscapes. From the floodplains and waterholes of the Okavango Delta to the woodlands and river of Chobe National Park and the deserts of the Kalahari, Botswana provides an idyllic setting for unparalleled African safari holidays.

The most popular Botswana safari tours always include the iconic Okavango Delta, the world’s biggest inland delta. The sheer volume and variety of wildlife in this region is staggering. Touring the delta waterways in a traditional mokoro (canoe) is a unique experience where you are likely to encounter everything from tiny frogs, hippos, blooming water lilies, crocodiles to countless bird species. If exploring Botswana’s unspoiled wilderness and plains by open safari vehicles or by foot is more your thing then you are bound to come across a large variety of land-based wildlife including apex predators.

North of the Okavango Delta is the Chobe National Park and the Chobe River. This is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations due to the abundant elephant population which is amongst the highest in Africa.

A common way to explore this region is via river cruises along the Chobe River. You won’t be short of amazing photo opportunities here, as elephants playing and drinking on the water’s edge is a very common sight. Crocodiles and hippo pods often compete for space along the banks of the river, occasionally scrapping for territory, or just because they feel like being in a grumpy mood.

The Best Botswana Safari Tours

Wildlife and Best Viewing Times

Botswana safari areas, national parks and extensive game reserves are world class. The sheer numbers and diversity of wildlife provides for fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities for anyone considering a Botswana safari holiday.

In general, and particularly for Botswana’s northern parks, wildlife viewing is best during the dry season (May to October). The dry season means that vegetation is thinner, and animals tend to concentrate more around the remaining waterholes, making it easier to spot them. The Okavango Delta floods during the months of June to October, creating the opportunity to see wildlife in this exceptional ecosystem. During the wet season (November to April) the drier parks like the Kalahari area offer better wildlife viewing. This is a time when fresh grasses are abundant attracting and supporting migrating wildlife in northern Botswana and central Africa. During the rains, zebra migrate in large numbers to the Nxai Pans and Makgadikgadi.

Traveling on Safari in Botswana


Botswana is known as a very safe country with a low crime rate. Chobe is a very remote wilderness area with a small human population meaning the chance of petty crime is almost non-existent. When you arrive at one of the Botswana safari holiday lodges you will be well cared for and very safe.

Adhering to the advice and rules communicated by your safari guide or ranger will ensure that you remain safe while enjoying your Botswana safari tour in wildlife reserves and national parks.

The northern region of Botswana is considered a malaria area and therefore it is advisable to discuss your travel plans with your physician before you leave, particularly relating to anti-malaria precautions. If you are prone to or believe that your health could be affected by allergies related to pollen, dust or and grasses it is advisable that you bring enough allergy medication to cover the duration of your Botswana safari holiday.