Little Makalolo

Where is Little Makalolo: Little Makalolo has an enviable location in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.  This remote private concession is in one of Hwange’s most ecologically-diverse areas. There are great numbers of plains game, predators and birdlife thanks to the waterholes which have water all year round.  One of these productive waterhole’s is right in front of camp which adds to the excitement as a wide variety of wildlife comes to drink throughout the day and night.  The camp boasts a pool overlooking the waterhole, which is perfect for siesta time.  One of our favourite activities is the log-pile hide which gives you an opportunity to have some of the best up-close experiences with wildlife in Africa.  This provides memorable moments and allows the opportunity to bring out your inner photographer. For those wanting to soak up Africa even more, they can spend a night under the stars in the Star Bed listening to the nocturnal sounds of Africa.  With only natural light out in Hwange it offers incredible star-gazing opportunities.

Accommodation: Little Makalolo is tucked into the tree-line with 6 private tented suites looking out onto the waterhole.  One of the tented suites is a family suite.  Each tented suite is connected to the main area via wooden walkways and features an indoor and and outdoor shower.

Activities: Guided walks, game drives, night drives, log-pile hide, Star Bed, cultural activities

Why we love Little Makalolo

  • Small and intimate with only 6 rooms

  • A birdlovers dream come true with over 450 species recorded in Hwange

  • Excellent wildlife area with good numbers of predators and plains game

  • A wide range of activities on offer

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