Jao Camp

Where is Jao: Jao means floodplain and that is exactly what Jao does during the flood.  Jao is located on a remote island in the Okavango Delta and overlooks a beautiful floodplain where wildlife comes to graze on the green grass when the water recedes.  The camp is as impressive as its surroundings, huge rooms and 2 family villas each with every facility one could dream of.  The Jao concession has great diversity, a word we love because it means our guests get to experience a range of activities.  From the grassy floodplains to the cool channels and lagoons Jao offer guests the chance to do both land and water experiences.  It must be said that the floods depict the water levels and each year is different.  This means wildlife moves around the concession either feeding on fresh green grass or moving to higher ground during the flood.  With the option for game drives and boating and mekoro activities and the best spa in the Delta, Jao is a camp of the future.

Accommodation: Jao is very intimate with only 5 rooms and 2 villas.  Each room is connected to the main area via walkways.  The rooms are very generous is size and modern in design with every facility one could dream of on safari.

Activities: Guided walks, game drives, night drives, bird watching, boating, mekoro excursion, sleep outs.  nearby there is cultural activities and helicopter excursions.

Why we love Jao

  • Jao is located on a remote island in one of the most picturesque concessions in the Delta

  • Jao can offer both land and water activities depending on the season

  • The best spa in the Delta

  • A wide range of activities on offer

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